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Choose from a variety of different sessions and packages.


Single Session $150

A 75 minute one-on-one session with Anne designed to focus on one specific issue or problem to bring about release and relief.



Package of 3 $420

Three one-on-one sessions (75 minutes each).


Commitment Package $1,400

10 sessions over 3 months with email support.



Online 6-month "Heal Your Heart Path" $2,000 to $4,000

Weekly homework, with email and group support; weekly Q&A group meetings, ending with an Inner Child process or a group MAP treatment. The number of coaching / MAP sessions depends on the plan that you purchase.

The modules will cover:

1) Emotional intelligence: optimal ways of dealing with feelings

2) Seeing the inner child in triggers, limited beliefs and strategies

3) Using the inner child process to heal the inner child

4) Working with the subconscious to treat the pain held by the inner child

5) Moving from hiding to liberation to find life purpose and passion.


Many practical exercises will be taught and practice encouraged. The spirit of this course is to dig deep to explore your inner world. It’s not about acquiring intellectual knowledge.


Rather it involves practice to develop resources and insights to see and experience yourself differently. Also, to help you discover and heal the sources of your pain, to dissolve all barriers that limit you.

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