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"Heal your heart path" - 6 month immersion course

1.    Ignite your power
2.    Release your hidden potential
3.    Break through the Chains
4.    Release Your Limited Abundance Beliefs
5.    Activate Your SuperPower
6.    Step From Smallness to Bigness

4-5 topics under each module includes

a)    one or more podcasts/videos with training
b)    homework with weekly email feedback
c)    worksheets & resource materials
d)    Weekly Q and A calls; combined with group treatment of issues

10 one-on-one MAP sessions

A. Ignite Your Power

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”—Lao Tzu

Purpose: To assess fully your current situation—in terms of your needs, wants, and preferences.
Where is your pain? How lon
g have you endured pain in any area of your life.

B. Release your hidden potential
“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance.”—Deepak Chopra

The purpose of this segment is to see how you treat your emotions of grief, anger, fear to move to see that your heart is sending messages to guide you.

C.  Break through the Chains
“Our true nature is like a precious jewel; although it may be temporarily buried in mud.”—Pema Chodron

The purpose of this module is to discover all the mud on your being—the structures, beliefs, and patterns created by your childhood traumas especially. 

D. Release Your Limited Abundance Beliefs
“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”—Tony Robbins

The purpose in this section is to discover everything that you absorbed from your parents, family, culture, and civilization that cage you. To find all forms of limitations that form your view of what is possible.

E. Activate Your SuperPower
“Your SuperPower is being you.” –from a greeting card


All that needs to be healed can be done with your subconscious, once trained.

F. Step from Smallness to Bigness
“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakens.”—Carl Jung

Finding the ways child-parts protected you from stepping into knowing & expressing your needs, wants. and preferences. Moving to knowing and speaking your truth. To claim your Innocence forgotten in the chaos of your early trauma. Innocence connected to your being as spirit, wise and powerful.

Starting soon. Enroll Anytime.



Basic $2,000

This is the foundation of my 6-month online course, "Heal Your Heart Path." This includes all of the course material (podcasts, homework assignments, weekly email support, weekly Q n A sessions with group treatment at the end. No one-on-one MAP sessions.



Intermediate $3,000

The foundational course material plus 10 one-on-one MAP sessions.



Advanced $4,000

The basic foundational course material with more personal attention such as weekly one-on-one coaching/ MAP sessions and  email support.

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